Founded in 2016, National Public Safety Group is a group of public safety and technology professionals who have dedicated our lives to making agencies and communities safer.  We specialize in public safety software, along with other public safety technologies, project management, availability architecture, Public Safety Operations and Public Safety Company Training.  We have extensive experience in consortium systems and specialize in streamlining those very complex partnerships.



Our Mission is to dedicate all of our efforts and energy with public safety agencies to help them win using a team approach. This enables agencies to become more efficient with their efforts and dollars, ultimately, making their public safer.


We will bring public safety agencies together to gain advantages by having increased buying power and collaboration, instead of agencies purchasing in silos and paying full price. These collaborative efforts will also provide system sharing and better intelligence, providing better Public Safety.


We offer a training package for Public Safety technology companies that provide products and services to agencies.  This can help companies understand better how to serve the public safety agencies they provide products and services for.  It is broad in range, from training their team directly to doing individual interviews and surveys, followed up with ‘Town Hall’ sessions to socialize new initiatives and values.


We will work endlessly and tirelessly to become the most trusted consulting firm for Public Safety organizations across the United States.

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Jeremiah 29:11