Hufham, Claudia

Claudia Hufham

RMS/JMS Solution Consultant

Claudia's career in the Public Safety software industry began in 2002, and she dedicated 21 years to this field, working in various roles such as an RMS/JMS trainer, Development Analyst, and Software Applications Engineer. Throughout her career, Claudia played a crucial role in assisting numerous Sheriff's offices and Police departments in utilizing software to enhance their productivity and efficiently manage their records. Her expertise likely contributed significantly to the effectiveness and accuracy of these law enforcement agencies' operations, ultimately contributing to public safety.

In her spare time, Claudia is quite diverse in her interests. She's currently working on writing a book. Additionally, she enjoys watercolor painting, showcasing her artistic talents. Beyond her creative pursuits, Claudia is a loving pet owner, taking care of her American Bulldog and Boxer mix dog named Rokko, showing her affection for animals. Claudia also has a family. She has two adult "kids": Kaylan, who owns her own Graphic Design company, indicating a creative streak that runs in the family, and Keegan, who serves as a police officer in High Point, North Carolina, following in a similar field as Claudia's own career in the Public Safety software industry.