Our team has the highest specialization in Public Safety Software consulting for all public safety agencies.

We offer consulting for:

  • 911 Centers / PSAPs
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Jails and Correctional facilities

We specialize in the following software products:

  • Computer-Aided Dispatch
  • Police & Fire RMS
  • Police & Fire Mobile
  • Corrections
  • Court
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Officer wellness and risk management

Some Things to Consider

There is a lot to understand when it comes to buying products in the tumultuous environment of Public Safety Software.

Are the products going to make our job easier, or:

  • Will it get us updated software, but continue working as we have?
  • Will it help us on the front end, but make us work much harder to manage it?
  • How are they updated and how often?

Implementation expertise

  • What is the method the company uses to install, build and train their systems?
  • Is there any post go live training included as part of the project plan?
  • Is it a proven, solid process?

Is the company stable?

  • Are there any financial concerns?
  • Is the company about to get acquired, or did it just get acquired?
  • What is the company’s future?

Customer Support

  • No company comes in and says their support is sub-par. It is left to you to figure that out.  This is where we help you to make sure you understand how good a company’s support is.  This is also where our scoring of companies can assist you in grading their performance.
  • What is the process to call the important references, not just the ones they give you to call?
  • What is the support process with upgrades? Is there help?  Is help needed? Do they cost?

Buying software is a specialty of ours.

We are very learned in contract negotiation and with vetting contracts, to protect the customer. Any good solicitor can make sure you have the proper legal terminology in place to protect your organization for liability, or to ensure the proper legal process is in place for arbitration, if needed. But, they can’t have knowledge of all of the intricacies of installing, building, training, and supporting software. That is not their knowledge set. That is where we come in.

There are some critical things that are generally left out of a contract that can protect your agency from an implementation that leaves your organization lacking in the knowledge you need of how to use it and from additional costs.

Having specialists, who have so many years in the software industry, can really help you with these procurements. For the last 20 years, we have experience writing and negotiating contracts from the vendor side.


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