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Welcome Our Newest Team Member Rico Castro

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The founders of National Public Safety Group come from the Public Safety sector and technology market. Our executives have been technology company owners and CEO’s, Police officers, and technology vendors. We have a unique understanding of the industry, vendor community and changes due to acquisitions in this volatile market.  While it's daunting to try to understand and stay abreast of the changes, we can help you make decisions in technology selections that will benefit and protect your agency and guide you through complex projects and implementations.

Our Mission is to dedicate all of our efforts and energy to public safety agencies, helping them to become more efficient with their efforts and dollars and ultimately make their public safer.


Public Safety Software Consulting

Our team specializes in consulting for the selection and procurement of public safety software including CAD, RMS, Mobile, Jail/Corrections, Reporting & Analytics, Officer Wellness and Risk Management, eCitation/eCrash, and Civil Software.  We have experience working with large consortiums to help with regionalization, change management and staff organization.


Our National Public Safety Group team offers expertise in radio systems, Next Gen 911, in car video/body worn cameras, digital evidence management, Advanced License Plate Reader technology, situational awareness, mass notification and interoperability solutions.

Our team includes experienced project management professionals who have successfully completed large, complex projects involving multiple technologies. We work hard to ensure that projects are successful by your definition, not our own.  We will help mitigate issues related to project delays, change orders, and scope of work.


Our team of of Jail experts offer a variety of audit and assessment services for your agency. We offer a list of areas of concentration and let you decide which best suit your current situation. Each assessment is tailored to meet the needs of the facility. Excellent for newly elected Sheriff's who want to better know the jail they have acquired.


Our contract negotiations are second to none. We have a great deal of knowledge regarding hidden costs, unnecessary add-ins, and padding that can be trimmed from contracts and maintenance. We work hard to ensure you get the best deal. We are so confident in our abilities that if we do not save you money, you pay nothing.


Our team of proven Public Safety professionals are available to answer questions and help you your consulting needs on your time. Having a consultant on retainer carries a number of advantages that agencies are discovering to be helpful and convenient. Check out our Consulting as a Service page to learn more.

National Public Safety Group can assist you with the process of determining if your agency needs high availability or disaster recovery options.  We can assist with needs analysis/assessment, minimum requirements and budgeting.  We also offer consulting services to help with system architecture design for single or consolidated systems and consortiums in efforts to increase savings for individual agencies by sharing costs in combined systems to increase savings.

Operations and Budgeting Consulting

National Public Safety Group specializes in budget consulting and offers solutions to help your agency save money with no upfront costs.  We can assist with operational issues such as hiring processes, candidate review boards, and applicant scoring. We offer services to help your agency effectively address a variety of organizational challenges, including crisis management.

Company Training for Public Safety Sales Organizations

We offer a training package for Public Safety technology companies that provide products and services to agencies. This can help companies understand how to better serve the agencies they provide these products and services for.  It is broad in range, from training their team directly to doing individual interviews and surveys, followed up with ‘Town Hall’ sessions to socialize new initiatives and values.

Thank you to all in Public Safety

We want to thank you for what you do. Public Safety is the front line to safety in our wonderful United States of America. Every day you put your life on the line and come between our citizens and the bad guys to protect all of our families. Thank you and know that we at National Public Safety support you 100% and will do all we can to make your life better and safer.

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