In our constant efforts to provide the most value to our Public Safety Partners, we have discovered that many agencies like the idea of having a consultant on retainer.

Using the services of a consultant does not mean that you are ineffective or lacking knowledge in your field. It means that Public Safety is in constant motion and in one's career, one professional may never experience all of the unusual circumstances that arise, or become proficient at every position or area of their agency. Consultants can help fill in those gaps and having that knowledge available to you at a moment's notice can make a huge difference for Public Safety Executives.

Benefits of using Consulting as a Service include:

  • Having an experienced and proven professional available when you need help.
  • Purchasing only the amount of time that your agency needs.
  • Helping agencies tackle tough problems or address short term needs with little impact to their staffing or other resources.

Fees are determined by agency size and needs.

Consulting  as a Service Proficiencies Include:

  • Public Safety Software
  • Availability Architecture
  • Fleets
  • Staffing
  • Jails
  • Crisis Management
  • Evidence
  • Budgets

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