Cliff Micham - Pro Shot II

Cliff Micham

Vice President of Procurement

Cliff Micham brings over 28 years of public safety and emergency management technology sales, marketing, operations, and executive leadership experience to National Public Safety Group.  Before joining our management team, he served as the Director of Business Development for State and Local Government for Juvare (WebEOC), Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Tiburon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tritech and Vice President of Sales for VisionAIR, Inc. In each of these positions, Cliff built sales and marketing teams from the ground floor up while implementing team and customer first strategies that led to record growth and long-term client relationships for the organization. He has extensive experience in Computer Aided Dispatch, Law and Fire Records Management, Mobile Data, and Jail Management solutions that span the spectrum of agency sizes and complexities.

During his tenure, Cliff’s sales teams have generated more than $700 million in sales bookings by simply outworking the competition, focusing on creating true value for his customers, and providing solutions that met the goals and needs of his agencies. He will work closely with our partner agencies to implement the tools and strategies necessary to meet and exceed the goals of our clients.  Cliff’s wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to solution provider’s products and services will provide a unique perspective when selecting vendor applications that will best fit the needs of the agency.

Micham holds a Batchelor of Science in Business Administration from East Carolina University.