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Roberta Palmer 


Roberta is a retired Lieutenant from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with many years of experience in Public Safety. In addition to her successful career in Public Safety, Roberta also served in the Army Intelligence.

Roberta served as the Ombudsman for the Department of Detention, and was charged with representing interests of the organization and public by addressing and investigating complaints of the violation of the inmates’ rights. While at Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Roberta served as the facility’s PREA coordinator, and created and implemented a new Sergeant Shadow program.

Roberta has experience teaching Interpersonal Communications, and served as the Compliance Unit Manager, responsible for ensuring the facility’s success with the accreditation process (ACA, NCCHC, FMJS, and FCAC). She was also responsible for writing, reviewing, and revising the Standard Operating Procedures within her department. Roberta was a member of the Technology Task Force, and conducted internal and external audit assessments.