Ron Wolbert NPSG photo

Ron Wolbert

CAD Solution Consultant

Ron is a 28-year veteran of the Public Safety arena to include being a 911 Director of a multi-jurisdictional PSAP for EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement. During this time Ron was also certified as an ETC instructor and acquired multiple PEMA and FEMA certifications and recognized as a certified QA Administrator through Priority Dispatch.

After leaving his local PSAP, Ron began serving the public safety community by specializing in the training and implementation of CAD and Mobile applications at a Tier 1 public safety software provider. He has been the CAD subject matter expert, assisting in implementation, End User Training, and go-lives for CAD, RMS, and Mobile projects at a multitude of agencies across the country.

Ron also served as a mentor for newer Implementation Consultants over the years. He assisted in the development of software enhancements, training materials, such as lesson plans, functionality testing documents, agendas, and specialized installation documents.

Ron also engages in his hunting and outdoors hobby and has worked in his spare time as a certified archery technician at three local archery shops. He currently lives in the Western Pennsylvania area with his wife and has two grown sons, a grown daughter, and two grandchildren.

Ron’s long and wide-ranging industry and educational experience provides Ron with a public safety perspective that is both informed and insightful that he strives to implement to encourage client success.