National Public Safety Group has experts in project management for multiple complex technologies. We work hard to ensure the project is a success, per your definition of it, not ours. We can help manage the following technologies:

  • Public Safety Software
  • In car video / On body video
  • Advanced License Plate Technology
  • Radio
  • 911 Phone systems
  • Mass notification and interoperability software

One of the largest obstacles to successful purchases is the inability to adequately manage the project and get it installed in a way that meets your needs. Thankfully, agencies don’t have to install these systems every day, but unfortunately, it puts people in unfamiliar territory. They don’t know what to look for and what to ask.


We help to bridge that gap and make sure you get the full benefit from what you purchase, while avoiding some of the following common issues in deployments:


  • Delayed projects, which brings in paying maintenance on older products than was not budgeted
  • Scope of work not being correct, which brings in change orders – it is vitally important to keep your project within budget.
  • Incomplete or improper scope of work
  • Not getting everything you thought you were getting
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