Operations and budgets for all agencies can be a daunting task, and one that was not taught, but is learned through trial and error. With many years of budgeting experience, our staff can help analyze and evaluate your agency’s budget in order to help maximize the use of your dollars.


The National Public Safety staff can help streamline operational procedures, such as:

  • Hiring a new Director for a 911 Center or Police or Fire Dispatch center
  • Hiring a new Police Chief or Fire Chief
  • Refreshing Policy and Procedure manuals
    • Taking them electronic, when they are not
  • Making the case for take home cars

Emergency Consulting for Crisis Management

We have all seen it happen across the United States. An incident arises and a community is sent into turmoil. While protests increase, the media storms an agency’s doors, demanding answers.


What should be done now? How do we respond, as an agency, while protecting evidence and the loss of life and property? Do we release video? Do we offer statements? Who talks with the press?

This all happens in an instant. We can be immediately available by phone and onsite for emergency consulting.

Evidence Audits

The National Public Safety staff can help with transitional and intermittent services such as:

  • Performing Evidence Audits after leadership changes or intermittently as desired
  • Performing Evidence Audits for agency accountability and protection
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