Deborah Conner 

Public Safety Consultant 

Deborah's career started at the age of 21 when she enrolled in Basic EMT class and was hired by a non-emergency ambulance provider.  During that time, she furthered her skill set to Paramedic and was invited to join the dispatch center to cover another employee out on leave.  Deborah never went back to the road after that and found her niche in the dispatch industry.  Since then, she has held positions with major and minor agencies within NC and GA as Telecommunicator, Supervisor, CAD Administrator, Training Coordinator, Public Education Specialist and Director.  Deborah also has 13 years' experience in the private sector as a Training Consultant assisting agencies with configuration of CAD as well as supporting a CAD software application.
Deborah holds a bachelor's degree in Emergency Management with a minor in Public Safety Communications.  She is a long-standing member of both NENA and APCO and continues to further her education through those venues.  Her goals include a certification or master's degree in GIS.
Deborah joined National Public Safety Group in October 2020 with exceptional enthusiasm and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience to provide the best customer experience to customers and citizens.