National Public Safety Group offers a training package for Public Safety technology companies that provide products and services to agencies nationwide. We have a vast amount of experience in the following technologies:

  • Public Safety Software
  • In Car Video
  • Emergency Equipment for emergency vehicles (including a Master Distributor Program)
  • Advanced License Plate Recognition technologies

More importantly, we have a vast amount of experience in training sales teams how to sell, and operations teams how to keep business. If you would like to get training in the following areas, we would be glad to do a presentation to see if we fit what you are looking for.

  • New account sales
  • Existing customer sales
  • Business development
  • Supporting the customer
  • Implementation success

We also offer company assessments to help improve culture and negate toxic environments.  This can include interviews and surveys among your teams, followed up by one on one executive leadership meetings.  These will typically be followed up with ‘Town Hall’  sessions and company meetings to socialize new ideas and priorities.

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